Meet our Chef

DianeDiane is our fantastic nursery cook. She is a mum of 5 and has developed her skills of preparing healthy and balanced meals for children over the last 25 years. She prepares fresh meals for the children in our nursery every day, taking in to consideration everyone’s dietary requirements as well as children’s individual preferences. The children thoroughly enjoy the meals which are prepared for them and the parents often ask Diane for recipes and tips! She has a huge impact on the lives of the children in our nursery and their families.

Diane goes above and beyond for the children at Strawberry Hill by engaging them in a variety of activities including vegetable planting and maintaining our eco garden and greenhouse, baking and cooking lessons, preparing yummy treats for special occasions e.g. birthdays and always ensuring that everyone is included no matter what their dietary requirements may be.

Diane has embraced our Eco Schools Program and encourages the children to think about growing their own food. Diane has set up a greenhouse and vegetable patch in our eco garden and regularly takes groups of children to help her look after the crops.

Diane’s Recipe Book

Our qualified and experienced on site Nursery Chef, Diane Lamont has created menus following consultation with nutritionists, carefully planned to encompass a healthy and well balanced diet encouraging children to taste and enjoy a variety of mouth watering meals.

Here she shares some of her best recipes for you to try at home.

More to follow...

Our Menu

Our nutritionally balanced menus ensure our children are raring to go every day! We serve a delicious and nutritious 4 week rolling menu. Our wholesome and nourishing menus are specially designed to give your little one the very best start in life. Whenever possible we look to source all our food locally and organically, including seasonal vegetables and fruit into our nursery menus. We offer our children home cooked, nutritional food, bursting with fresh fruit and vegetables and all the essential ingredients necessary for healthy physical and mental development.

Strawberry Hill Nursery Menu Click here to download our sample 4 week rolling menu